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Specification of Peeling Package

face treatment

Categories Peeling Package 
Sales Price: Rp.200.000,00 
Specifications: Now comes New Innovation With Chemical Peeling A More PRACTICAL, SAFE, Not Painful, Bright Proven Results Just In Time 15 Minutes And of course the price AFFORDABLE Alone And Can We Do At Home To Many Times Wear. 
Peeling benefits; 
  + Cleaning sisa2 Cream Stick to the face Yg Yg Td CKP Cleaned Only With Wash, Milk Cleanser or Mask 
+ Make Fresh Faces, White, Clean And Shine 
+ Deadly Bibit2 And Roots Acne / Acne clincher Emerging 
+ Skin Lifting Off 
+ Decrease pori2 
+ Eliminate Black Spots And Acne Scars DIRECT RESULT WAS ALSO SEEN How to Use PM Yaa Dear 
How to use: 
1 Apply Peeling I (Ato We Call Dg PREPELL) Cleanser For Face Wash On By Using Cotton Clouds. Wait Until Seep / Dry. 2 Pour Peeling II (GA / AHA / TCA) Pd Faces Then Apply Evenly With Cotton. No Need Enough Pressure & Oles. Wait Until Seep / Maximum 15 Minutes 
3 Take the box of Ice Cubes clincher Then Wrapped washcloth, washcloth Wetting Seep Until then Oleskanlah To Face, Leave In A Few Minutes Until It penetrates skin. 
4 Rinse with water, dry the clincher With Soft Towel With Ditepuk2 
5. Let Dry Face Up By Itself Then trakhir Apply neutralized.

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