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Non-Whitening Acne Package
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Specification of Non-Whitening Acne Package

face treatment

Treatment of acne should be seen in advance what the main cause?
- Due to oily skin which factor / hormone / cleanliness.
- Cleanliness seseorg For treating the face influential For results you max.

Award cream acne breakouts bs dlm conditions ease and assisted with the anti-acne drug
Acne arises, it normal..artinya, our skin melanin msh dlm n normal..kadar protein bekerja..justru msh skin acne-klo ga at all it is worth diwaspadai..terutama skin banality pke merkuri..mayoritas psti ga spotty ..

Aira DeeV @ provide a wide range of acne treatment in accordance with the needs of your skin.
Now comes Acne Treatment Series
consists of:
Acne Cream 6in1 series
1. Day Acne
2. Whitening Acne Night
3. Acne Facial Wash
4. Vit C Toner
5. Face mask
6. Totol Acne

So let's make-ur n healthy skin beauty with Tim Aira DeeV @ Skin Care
AiraDeeV @ Skin Care Solutions

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