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Whitening Cream For Men
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Specification of Whitening Cream For Men


Not just women who like healthy skin maintained, even men also. Moreover, the Adam is a lot of direct contact with the name of pollution, and various skin related problems can also occur in men. 

Aira DeeV @ Skin Care Solution's very understanding of each customer demand, is now available package of men's skin care to stay healthy and well groomed. 

Day MAN is a cream to light sun protector with SPF 33. Aloe Leaf Extract content and its Vit E can protect the skin from the adverse effects of sunlight, while caring for the skin moist so it stays soft, smooth and dry. 

The texture is creamy and soft and not sticky, capable of absorbing kringat. 

Super Whitening Cream is a powerful evening overcome skin problems: 
-memudarkan spots 
-mengeringkan jrawat bandelmu 
-merontokkan dead skin and skin kusammu 
-memutihkan berangsur2 skin from age spots, black bintik2 (freckles) and black noda2 (melasma) 

Cream products Aira DeeV @ Skin Care is very good for your skin care maintenance, both the face and the entire body, if you want a facial skin bright, soft, supple but is safe to use in the long term.

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