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Body Lotion Night - Glujic
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Specification of Body Lotion Night - Glujic

body treatment

Category Glujic - Body Lotion Night 
This GLUJIC lotion trdapat Kojic Whitening Ingredients Substance 1000mg. 
Jg This lotion contains Arbutin and AHA (100ml). You Satisfied With Pst result .... 
1 Package Consist (Night Lotion, Lotion Day) Lotions This is very Brguna Bt Agan / Sista² clincher Loving White, Clear & Clean Your skin will feel smooth, & More White (3 Levels Of Skin Early). 
-Can Whiten Skin Body Evenly Contains 1000mg Because Whitening 
Pd black -Mengilangkan Underarm & Groin 
Blackish-can diminish 
Fragrant Smell & Longer Due To Contain Perfume Fragrances 
Sunblok Containing SPF 30 
Pmakaian ways: 
1.Oleskan At Night Lotion Hand & Foot / Body You Want Yg 
2 Day Lotion Used when activity every day. This Glujic bleach Relatively Very Brief But Very Safe, No Side Effects Bad, Neither Nor Used Short Term Long, Even for Pregnant Women and Breastfeeding. 
Skin Care Will Get Protection & Perfect. Only In 10 Days Whole Body White Skin, Tighten, Bening, Slippery Smooth Away Smooth & Dull Skin !! You Need To Know This lotion Very Fast Skin Whitening Skin That Even Though Gosong Because Sun Or Genetic Factors. NOT CAUSE KETERGANTUNGAN.AMAN, HALAL, NATURAL AND PURE, SO CAN BE TERMINATED AT ANY TIME OR use WHEN YOU ALREADY GET HEALTHY SKIN AND WHITE THE DESIRED.

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