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Cream Bleach Platinum Adv
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Specification of Cream Bleach Platinum Adv

face treatment

The latest breakthrough again Dr. Aira DeeV @ adlh Whitening Cream Platinum ...

Pharmacist's concoction, using standard materials Dermatology
Exclusive consists of 5 items:
I: Day Cream:
Day cream is a protective cream against the sun light. The content of Aloe Leaf Extract and Vitamin E it can protect the skin from the adverse effects of sunlight, while caring for the skin moisture so it remains soft, smooth and dry.

Day Cream contains spf 30, allows for its application stiap 3 hours ...

II: Platinum Super Whitening Cream night is powerful to overcome skin problems: - eclipsing Flek- jrawat bandelmu- drying shed dead skin and skin kusammu- berangsur2 whiten skin from age spots, black bintik2 (freckles) and black noda2 (melasma) interchangeable signage as a result of the use of pills hamil.- pd whiten a dark pigment of the skin.

How to use: Apply a thin cream 1-2 hours of sleep Prev. Do not use in the corners of the eyes, lips, nose sudut2.

Side effects: the use of too much cause skin pink reddish, itchy.
Pause use and apply cream irritation in the mouth trasa tpa scratchy / sore until the situation back to normal skin.
After the skin is normal under the circumstances, use back in the face and neck as needed.

Warning: * always fill the refrigerator * for external use only * use orall drug for skin maintenance to keep it beautiful.

III: Toner:

to open the pores so the cream can fit perfectly into the skin layer

IV: Whitening Facial Wash
AHA content of his help brighten the face, and the face collagennya able to keep moisture and nourish the skin.

V: Cleansing Aira DeeV @ (BPOM)
the only one who is able to whiten cleansing milk and cleanse your face thoroughly dirt which are not able to clean with soap ordinary.

AiraDeeV @ Skin Care Solutions

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