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Cream Fleck Mild
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Specification of Cream Fleck Mild

face treatment

Categories Cream Light Flecks
Sales Price: Rp. 280.000 fare
Specifications: A Perfect Blend Of Lightening Creams And Mosturizer Yg Working With Stunt Double Disguise Spots/Freckles On The Face, As Well As The Effects Of Premature Aging Caused By Exposure To Uv Rays And Helps Take Care Of Moisture The Skin So That The Face Looks Brighter Evenly, Smooth, Soft And Charming Look Beautiful.  How To Use:
Morning: Cleansing + Soap + toner + Cream Morning Aira Deev @
Night: + Soap + Cleansing Toner Plus (Beat First) + Cream Flecks Apply Flat Face And Neck, If The Inflammation Occurs Face (Face Strict Trasa, Poignant, Painful) Because The Peeling Process Is Going On.
No need to panic, Just apply the irritation of Tipis2 Only in a Smarting Trasa, and Stop Discharging Toner for 2 days only. After 2 days of Use Back Toner. The Results Will Be Visible After The Regular Usage.

Warning: * This Product Contains AHA, Interchangeable Increase Skin Sensitivity To Sunlight, And In Particular The Possibility Of Burning Skin. Always use Sunscreen Aira Deev @ every 3 Hours if you are outdoors. * This product is not for long term care, Maximum Usage is only 3 months old and up the next step. * Store in a tightly closed Container at a temperature of 15-25 degrees Celsius.

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